Welcome to the Chinese Computerized Adaptive Listening Comprehension Test (CCALT)! CCALT measures the student's listening comprehension of Mandarin Chinese and assigns a proficiency level upon the student's completion of the test. The proficiency testing follows the guidelines by the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages. It uses sound algorithms to adapt the difficulty level of the items to the individual student, collecting data along the way for item selection and rating of proficiency.



CCALT is designed for colleges, universities and high schools in the U.S. with programs of teaching Chinese as a second language. It is a computer-mediated test, generating data for easy identification of students' proficiency levels. It has been used as a language placement test in some universities. It may


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Current Users: 43380
CCALT Tests: 9477
Organizations: 163

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  • Management: Chuanren Ke and Zizi Zhang
  • Instructional Design: Zizi Zhang
  • Multimedia Production: Zizi Zhang
  • Pilot Testing and Psychometrics: Chuanren Ke
  • Test Items: Chuanren Ke, Zizi Zhang, Yi Lin, Dai Chen, Weizhen Lin, Mei-Yeh Chang, Carol Kula, Jungim Chang, Jesse Severe, and Tzu-Hsin Lin
  • Voice: Chen Shuang, Gang Xu, Dai Chen, Weizhen Lin, Yi Lin, and Zizi Zhang
  • Sponsors: The National East Asian Languages Resource Center at The Ohio State University and the Graduate College of The University of Iowa
  • Thanks to Chen & Tsui Company for providing images and sound effects.